Blue Light Reflective Glasses

Question, can you feel your eyes start to hurt or dry up when scrolling through Facebook than Instagram, then onto twitter, and HOLY MOLY a whole hour went by? If so, you probably experience eye strain and difficulty focusing after a while, and the majority of that has to do with blue light. Blue light sounds innocent enough, but it can actually be very bad for you. Not only will it give you headaches, but you could also increase your risk of macular degeneration since the light penetrates entirely into your retina. Before you panic and start looking for another job that is computer-free, know that there is a great blue light blocking solution, and that is SOJOS blue light reflective glasses.

What Are Blue Light Reflective Glasses?

Blue light-reflective glasses are different than regular glasses. They contain tinted lenses and have anti-glare protection features. These particular lenses limit your exposure to blue light, which can be found on cell phones, computers, and even certain light bulbs. By wearing these glasses, specially SOJOS, you will be able to protect yourself from blue light damages and give your eyes the proper health precautions they deserve. 

Helping with Computer and Laptop Work

Computers and laptops are the culprits for digital eye strain. The blue light comes in short, high-energy wavelengths and scatters, which can throw you off focus. This unfocused “noise” can reduce contrast, making your eyes hurt. By investing in blue light reflective glasses, you will significantly reduce this exposure, which will benefit your overall health, especially your eyes.

Blue Light Reflective Glasses and Your Smartphone

Not only does your smartphone emit blue light, but you are also looking at a much smaller screen that can amplify eye strain even more. Though glasses cannot do much for remediating the ramifications from reading text on a smaller screen, it can certainly get rid of the blue light factor to give your eyes a better fighting chance from eye strain.

Additional Tips

Though reflective glasses are the ideal way to go, there are some other ways you can reduce your exposure, which collectively will decrease the harmful effects on your eyes.

  • Get Outside Often – Though it may sound weird to get sunlight to reduce blue light effects, it works. Sunlight helps reinforce your circadian rhythm. Just make sure to switch to sunglasses out there. Breakaway from your screen and take breaks outside as often as you can.
  • Dial Down Blue Light Settings – Most electronic devices can be adjusted to shift the color on the screen to reduce blue light. Turn it down a bit to reduce the impacts. If your device does not have this feature, try using the “twilight” or “nighttime” view.
  • No Devices an Hour Before Bed – This is easier said than done, but try to stay away from screen time an hour before bed. Looking at a screen before sleeping hurts your ability to fall asleep and feel rested in the morning. It will be worth the Z’s, I promise.

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By investing in SOJOS blue light reflective glasses, and trying out the other helpful tips, you will be able to give your eyes the ultimate protection and expand your vision by blocking out harmful blue light emissions. With this, you will find that you will have much less eye strain due to the overexposure of blue light, making you much more comfortable and productive than ever before. Whether you need prescription lenses or not, blue light reflective glasses are something you should highly consider to maintain the health of your eyes, both short and long-term.


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