Creating a Zen Work-From-Home Space

Who would have thought that celebrating 2020 on December 31st at midnight would lead to the beginning of an apocalypse? Ok, I am being a little dramatic due to the “The Fear of the Walking Dead” shows I have currently been watching, but these are very crazy times though. With all social media and the news channels, pervasive coverage on this time has the majority of all countries basically freaking out. This leads everyone to lose jobs and finding work from home jobs to help with bills and lift their income. I want to share my experience with being a WFH momma bear, setting up my ZENsation (webster has not claimed this word for sensation yet) space.

I recently became a VA (virtual assistant) in the past couple of months. I tried Upwork and Freelance to get me through some gigs, but it is tough to land because you basically get projects by referral or by previous VA work. I found a full-time job (after months of searching) with something that I am already familiar with, being a legal assistant/paralegal, YAYYYY! Becoming apart of the military family it is easy to not get a job due to moving a lot, but this gal was determined to make her own income (confession: I really like to shop online). Going from a house to an apartment due to saving money and spending I had to downsize a lot. I wanted to give some KEY TIPS of what has helped me with creating a space within my small quarters to make a better workspace.

1. Get yourself an agenda ! Yes I know we live in the future now and have calendars on our phone with reminders that can be set up. BUT I have both because I like to write what I did for the day like “talked to sister” or “yoga”. During this time of being stuck at home more than normal, it is good to write down those little things as well. Also, to write down upcoming projects and their due dates.                       

2. Now let’s talk about setting up your space to work. A few things to help it feel organized (and cute) is a pen/pencil/highlighter holder. The one I linked is one that I bought for myself that is marble with gold trim. I love anything white and gold so I found a file organizer that is gold that would help with organizing any of your files.      

3. Plants are a must! Either you have them lying around your house already put one or a few around your desk to bring in some zen. If you feel like you do not have a green thumb then snake plants are for you lady!

4. With the comfort of not commuting to work during the week, you may feel like you can work from bed or the couch. I started to do this and felt not as relaxed when I went to bed or wanted to catch up on my shows on Netflix. Your workspace you set up or if you wanted to take it outside is highly recommended. Just so that you can fully enjoy your free time when it comes to you. 

5. Light is so important. I bought some blue light reflective glasses for this but if you can not find a space with natural light buy a light that is set to brighten up your area. (I set up a few choices of blue light blocking glasses in my shop for easy picking) Recently I purchased the Micro LED light with 4 different light settings.

Finding your Zen with working from home will bring a more relaxed and a “want to go to the area”.


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